Sunday, 26 January 2014

The scrap winners are ...

Hello all,

I hope the weather is a bit less dreary where you are, we are certainly working towards another flood. Ggrrr, very depressing. But to cheer you up, well at least some of you, here are the winners of the Scrap Bag Giveaway:


Could you two please send me an email to nadinesaupe at googlemail dot com with your address so I can send your scrap bags off this week. Thank you.

Happy crafting, ...

and eat your brekkie so the sun will come out !!!



  1. Oh, how exciting, thank you so very much! Will email you :-)

  2. Hi, sorry not caught up with blog reading yet (I don't do it on a weekend) and it takes me a few days sometimes because I follow 600 blogs! I'm at work right now so can't email but have given you my email address on Facebook.

  3. Hope your house is not in the flood zone. I know that York city centre has always flooded. We are flood free here, but we've had 18" of snow in the last two weeks! Good reason to stay inside and sew!!